Vectorsoft Draw 3 for Pocket PC




Requires: Pocket PC with 2MB RAM free

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Product description


View and Compose Vector Graphics (Adobe® AI, AutoCAD® DXF, Windows® Metafiles EMF/WMF, HPGL® PLT), Publish PDF Documents.


Exchange Drawings with Microsoft Office, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat Reader, AutoCAD, etc.


Send files via e-mail and ftp.

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·  Easy to use.

·  Fast and reliable file loading and saving.

·  Fast and precise drawing.

·  Accurate information for drawings and objects.



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Supported devices:

·  Compatible with Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/Mobile 5 devices.

·  Landscape, Square, VGA screen support.




Vector File formats:

Open: Adobe® AI, AutoCAD® DXF, Windows® EMF / WMF, HPGL® PLT.

Save: PDF Documents, Adobe® AI, AutoCAD® DXF, Windows® EMF,  HPGL® PLT.


Bitmap support:

Import: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, 2BP.

Save:   BMP, JPG.

·  Antializing support for saved bitmaps.




·  Open templates.

·  Save drawings as templates.


·  Insert objects from Library.

·  Send objects to Library.

·  Organize Library objects into categories.




·  Send drawings as e-mail attachments.

·  Drawings ftp uploading.





·  Freehand drawing.

·  Bezier drawing.

·  Line / Rectangle / Ellipse drawing.

·  Select.

·  Outline shape.

·  Zoom / Pan.


·  Artistic / Paragraph text types.

·  Multiline text support.

·  Alignment and rotation support.

·  True Type Fonts.




·  Multiple pages.

·  Multiple toolbars.

·  Cut / Copy / Paste / Delete objects.

·  Join / Group / Order / Align objects.

·  Color Palette (RGB, HLS, palette bar) - Custom Colors.

·  Unlimited Undo/Redo.



Download now 14-day trial version.








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